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1 May

Last night we had our Chi Sigma Iota end of the year picnic. We had it out at the park potluck style with some donations from local food places (thank you Boston Beanery, Colorado Mikes, and the rest, I only picked up those two :-p). It was an awesome day to have it, the weather was nice and people brought some games to play. Megan’s awesome fiancÚ played a great mix of music and we grilled out and danced and celebrated the end of our first year for us (and the completion of their degree for the second years). Everyone had a really great time hanging out but there was a bit of a bittersweet undertone because we all knew, this is it. The second years are graduating and moving on to different places in their lives. Some here and some much further away and now we must take their place as second years. While I am excited for all of them and proud of each of them, I am also sad. They are a great group of people who have helped and guided us through a year of learning, personal growth and self-discovery. Now it is our turn to do that for the incoming students and it is scary and exciting and I hope we can live up to the big shoes they have left us to fill.

To all the counseling second years – CONGRATULATIONS!!! You did it and this journey is now complete. For some of you, the journey of learning stops here and now you are well prepared to go out and change the world with your impact, for others, this is just a step in your educational path and there is more to come. Whatever you chose know that you will always be our second years and I will always remember what each and every one of you has done for us. From coming in and helping with our classes to understanding the first year struggles and helping us through them to being our growth leaders and helping us find ourselves. You are a wonderful group of people who I feel privileged to call my friends and peers (and when I graduate as well, colleagues). I look forward to hearing about each of your many successes in the future and I am glad I got to know you.

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