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12 May

Mother's Day

Morgan | May 12th, 2010

This weekend I went home to DC for Mother’s day and it was a much needed trip. My brother just got married and my sister is still out in California for finals so this year it was just mom and I. Since it was her day, I did whatever she wanted, which start with an 8AM walk, an hour I do not often see by choice. However, the weather was nice and our twin neighbors that she walks with are really nice so I actually enjoyed it once I got over what time it was. After our walk, I went with her to church, which was very interesting. I grew up in the church my mother still attends and have not been back for a while so everyone was asking me questions and do the double take and “my you’ve grown up”. It was a nice homecoming moment because many of these people watched me grow up and helped raise me and some of them I see all the time at holidays but others I have not seen in months or years. I also did a few double takes of my own when I saw friend’s younger siblings or children (well young adults now) that I used to babysit for. One girl was taller than I was and about to enter high school which threw me off a lot. I feel old enough at times living in 18yearoldville (aka Morgantown) lol.

After church, we went to the Bethesda Fine Art Festival, which was a lot of fun (http://www.bethesda.org/bethesda/bethesda-fine-arts-festival). It hurt my heart a little because I love art but as a broke grad student I cannot really afford it yet. Plus I don’t have a house to put it in yet so that makes building a collection a bit hard. My mom’s friend suggested that I budget for one piece a year and build it over time, which I thought was a great idea. They had a great variety of art so there was a lot to take in. The one thing I did splurge on were some earrings from Lisa Cimino (http://www.cheemeno.com/). Her stuff was beautiful and very unique and lucky for me a great deal to buy because they do special prices at shows and festivals. If I could afford it, I would have probably bought almost all of her pieces. They were unique and fun. It is best described as wearable art. Before leaving we stopped by Union Jack’s booth (http://www.unionjacksbethesda.com/) to get some bread pudding for a $1. It was AWESOME and very fitting because my mother loves bread pudding. I would recommend it if you are in DC. Don’t let the name scare you off though, I guess it is a brit thing (it is a British pub) – Spotted Dick: Well not really, but it is our fantastic house-made bread pudding w/ raisins drizzled with a delicious bourbon sauce.

After walking around for a while and enjoying the various art, we went back home and changed and went to get some Thai food before the play. We went to Lincoln Theater to see Duke Ellington’s Sophisticated Ladies (http://www.thelincolntheatre.org/events.cfm?eventID=21) which was PHENOMINAL. Maurice Hines is 67 years old and can tape better than many young dancers I know. Watching him up there is like watching magic happen and you would never know how old he was, and when you do find out you are amazed and find it hard to believe. The real showstoppers are the brothers who tap. John Manzari is 17 years old and Leo Manzari is 15 years old. They steal the show with their talent, attitude and transparent love of dance. They were a delight to watch and I see them both having a great future in dance. Here is a clip of them with Maurice Hines: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhxi4JrTiwY&feature=related. If you get a chance to go see it, I would highly recommend it. Overall, it was an awesome weekend and a great mother’s day.

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